Posted by: illinigirl | May 4, 2008

My favorite night out in Boston

Okay, after saying I would do this post for weeks, I’m finally getting around to it!

Liz came to Boston one weekend when I was living in NH, and I went and met her on a Saturday.  We went to a bar down the street from our hotel.  We had a GREAT time dancing to some really fun music at this place.  Well, the bar closed, and we were heading back to the hotel, but I guess both of us had a little too much to drink. . . considering that we had apparently walked the opposite direction from our hotel (which I could do completely sober, but is very unlike Liz).  Anyways, we were standing on the street corner down the street from the bar we were at. . . trying to read a map we were holding out. . . while I was hiccuping loudly (nice).

These three guys walked up to us and yelled, “OH MY. . . GIRLS!  WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THESE GAY BARS???”  They pointed us in the direction of our hotel, but we just kept talking.  We ended up spending five minutes on the street corner just chatting it up and laughing.  Their names were Neil and Patrick. . . and we can’t remember the third guy’s name so we just call him “Harris”.  I asked one of them to take our picture. . . which I love.  Clearly, we were having a blast.  I told them that this would go in my myspace blog someday, which they thought was great.  Now the legend lives on at this blog.  🙂

They said, “Okay, we’re having way too much fun with you. . . why don’t you come out to the next bar with us?”  Well, next thing you know, I was entering my first gay bar (outside of my 2 trips to C Street in Champaign, one of which. . . was for a farm fraternity funtion, of all things. . . not really comparable to this!).

Now, I think I mostly enjoyed this place because I was still buzzed, and we had our gay bodyguards Neil, Patrick, and Harris with us.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  Liz and I talked (and I did some kind of polka) with the Neil, Patrick, and Harris by the bar. . . then we moved to the dance floor.  It was a HUGE dance floor with a video screen, and they played ALL Madonna.  Also, we only saw two other girls in the whole club, which was weird. 

So. . . fast forward to this last trip to Boston.  Liz and I decided that if we didn’t feel like going out to this bar, we would at least go and get our picture taken by it.  The night of the marathon, we walked ALL over Boston looking for it.  We were beginning to think that this place only existed when intoxicated and that it was a figment of our imagination.  FINALLY, when we are ready to give up. . . I see two guys arm in arm walking down the street.  I said, “Excuse me, do you know where Columbus Street is?”  They are trying to point it out, and I say (as I’m thinking “Why the hell don’t I just ask them?”). . . “We are looking for Club Cafe.”  They say, “OOOOH!  It’s right around the corner down here, two buildings down.”. . . Jackpot!

We did not go in. . . because we were tired, and we were not sure if we would have had fun sober and without our sidekicks, however, we did meet some lovely people at the door, including the bouncer that got this shot.

The moral of the story is. . . whenever we are lost in Boston, God sends us gay angels to lead the way.  🙂


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