Posted by: illinigirl | April 29, 2008

Some of my top purchases

This post is inspired by LESIA. . . who did a similar blog on her myspace.  I often am using something and think. . . “This is freaking awesome!  What would I do without this?”  Okay, I could live without ALL of these items, but they make my life happier/easier so whatever. . .

Kitchen Aid Mixer. . . This has become an increasingly more awesome purchase, considering that I cook often now.  I debated about buying this four years ago, but considering how much I use it, this was money very well spent.  I am compiling my recipes into a cookbook on Shutterfly, and I’ve even made the acknowlegdement page a dedication to my Kitchen Aid.  (Clearly, this dorky cookbook is just for ME!)

Electric drill. . . Okay, my mom bought me this on one of her visits to NH when we were in remodeling hell.  I thought, “Mom, when am I going to use this???  I don’t really need this.”  I have probably used my drill at least 50 times, and it is the greatest thing ever.  Who knew that I would do 108731 home improvement projects and install this many curtain rods, towel bars, picture anchors, etc, etc, etc. . . Mom gets points here.

My furniture. . . I flipping love my living room leather furniture and dining room furniture.  I started looking in NH when I got tired of the hand-me-down stuff from my parents.  I immediately fell in love with these sets with no deliberation.  I went in, looked around, and picked out my living room set within 15 minutes.  I saw my dining room set on my way out. . . and decided to purchase it later. . . but ended up coming back two days later to buy it.  I still just love it.

Sorry, the only pics I have on photobook are from Christmas (and don’t show much of my living room furniture), but I’m too lazy to move more over!

My ifusion. . . it’s a little suitcase-looking thing that my ipod plugs into.  The sound is incredible, and it’s perfect for trips.  I love being able to listen to music when I’m staying in hotels or at my parents’ house.  Also, I use it a lot in my house. . . take it to work sometimes on the weekends. . . have taken it to salons when I’m in bridesmaid mode getting ready for weddings.  🙂  Awesome.

My camera. . . I love my camera that I got last year.  Canon Powershot SD1000.  It’s small, takes great pictures, and it never leaves my side. . . as I like to document every detail of my life.

My Privo shoes. . . I love my Privos!  They are so comfortable, and I’ve never had so many compliments in my life as I have from these shoes.  (mine are actually sage green with magenta strings).  It’s so funny b/c everyone from funky young girls to elderly women have told me they loved these.  THEN, I was in the airport last week and saw a lady with shoes I loved.  Yep, NEW Privos.  There are ~15 pairs of these shoes I would love to buy immediately.

Okay, Lesia mentioned this in her blog. . . but this is seriously one of my best purchases, too.  Cowboy boots. . . they were the kiss of death when I bought them the first time I lived in Texas.  A-B asked me to move to St. Louis the Monday after I bought them.  When Mark called to ask me about moving to St. Louis, I think one of the first things I said was, “Aww man, I just bought cowboy boots!”  He said, “I’m sure you’ll find a way to use them again.”  That, I have.  I actually wore them a few times in St. Louis and many times in New Hampshire. . . and of course, many, many, many times since I’ve been in Texas and go dancing so frequently.  I’ve even purchased pair #2. . . and am coveting more.

Wow, it’s so crazy that I have two footwear items on this list, seeing that I am so NOT a shoe person.  I’m really not a super-materialistic person period. . . but these things are great and get the illinigirl stamp of approval. 

What are some things that top your list?



  1. Love your furniture, esp. your dining room table!

    One thing that immediately comes to mind is my bedroom furniture, which we bought about 6 years ago when we moved into our first house. I still love it (though the kids managed to break one of the handles).

    Another is my Cuisinart food processor. Love it!

    This was a fun post…might have to steal for my blog!

  2. great blog!!!!!! i also have privos and also LOVE THEM.

    some of my favorite items are:
    -kitchenaid blender (i use it for smoothies almost every morning and jk whips up some hella good margaritas using it)

    -new tv. it makes me very happy.

    -ipod. this is the only way i can bear working out for more than 4 seconds.

    -electric grill. we couldnt have a gas grill at our condo so we bought an electric grill. it’s freaking awesome. you can perfectly control the temp, it’s much quicker than gas or charcoal, and no carcinogens! also i dont eat meat but i use it for veggies and tofu dogs and veggie burgers in case you were confused.

    -salad spinner and veggie steamer. um, these probably speak for themselves.

    if i were to continue this list would never end. OH!!! crap!!! how coul di forget my two most important items!!

    -northface winter coat – it covers my butt, it has a great hood, it’s WARM, and has all sorts of cool features. this is the first winter where i was ok going outside because of my coat. super expensive, but totally worth it if you live in alaska, the northpole, or detroit.

    -sorel waterproof winter boots with faux fur lining. again these are totally key to winter survival. they go to about 1/2 way to my knee so when we get big snows the snow doesn’t fall down into the top of my boot. and they are super warm. i will never go another winter without proper supplies.

  3. Confession time.

    Um. I have a KitchenAid mixer. I have owned it for almost a year now, and um, it hasn’t come out of the box yet. Still in my kitchen, on the floor, where it’s been since my bridal shower on June 23, 2007. I suck.

  4. 1. Nicole, I got a little CuisineArt, but I was really coveting the large one. . . Maybe someday I will upgrade.

    2. Lizzle, I will keep your winter suggestions in mind, but I hope I don’t need them. . . ever. Ha! I’ve been spoiled ever since I moved to TX the first time. . . now I struggle with this whole “winter” concept!

    3. I accidently deleted a comment of Cari’s. I’m sure it was important and useful, but I screwed it up. Sorry for depriving you all of her input!

    4. Jen, Jen, Jen. . . the KitchenAid will change your life, get that bad boy OUT of the box!!! 🙂

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