Posted by: illinigirl | April 24, 2008

Over it. . .

Anyone else over Grey’s?  I loved it the first two seasons, but I’ve been over it starting last season.  Now, I’m 98% sure I’m finished.


I hate the whiny, indecisive person Meredith has become.  I’m annoyed by Izzy, I’m annoyed by McDreamy, I’m annoyed by George, and I’ve never liked Callie.  I especially dislike whatsherface (Meredith’s sister). . . that was an uberdumb plot twist.

The only good characters now are Christina Yang and Bailey. . . They’ve always been awesome, and hopefully will continue to be. . . but they are not nearly enough to keep me hanging on.

Besides, “The Office” is on at the same time, and there’s just NO comparison!  It had me laughing to hard I was struggling to breathe tonight. . . for the Office’s Meredith. . . hahahaha. . . poor lady.  Also, anyone notice the GUM?  Hmmmm, I’m turning into Michael Scott.

Happy Friday and happy weekend!  🙂


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