Posted by: illinigirl | April 23, 2008

Love that dirty water. . .

So sorry to keep you on pins and needles if you didn’t check. . . Liz ran the marathon in 3 hrs, and 38 minutes. . . and qualified fo Boston AGAIN!  She did a great job, and I’m so proud of her!

What an incredibly amazing weekend I’ve had!  First of all, I used to live near Boston (New Hampshire) and would go in every few weeks.  I love that city. . . It may just be my favorite city, actually.  As soon as the cab drove me in and we went down Storrow Drive along the Esplanade and near the Common. . . I just got so excited!  I don’t know how I could forget how much I loved the place, but I guess I did.

I got in very late on Friday night.  On Saturday morning, Liz and I went over to the Expo. . . basically, the convention center was set up with everything a runner could ever want.  Clothing, shoes, Powerbars of every kind, that goo crap people eat, etc.  There’s also an area where you can see a video that goes through the course route. . . yeah, this is where the 26.2 miles became a reality. . . it’s one thing to think “wow, that’s a crapton of miles”. . . and another thing to see a camera in a car going the WHOLE route and ALL the towns it goes through. . . wow.  Also, it’s so emotional.  They have runners narrate the video, and I wanted to cry in a few parts because it was just so neat.  This was a great thing for me to be reminded of what a HUGE deal this was and just how very cool Liz is for doing this.

This is not the super cool John Hancock video with interviews, but this will give you some idea of the race:

Crazy, right?

So after the expo, Liz and I walked around and shopped. . . then we met up with her mom and aunt and Kevin, Maia, and Kerri from Merrimack to go to the Union Oyster House (America’s oldest restaurant).  I’d never been there before, and I had some DELICIOUS scallops. . . which I miss oh so much in Texas! 

From there, we went to the Red Sox game.  We had GREAT seats courtesy of a friend. . .

Love this shot!

Me & Liz!

Now, I love Fenway and enjoy a good ball game, but I must admit that I was fairly distracted this game.  There was a celebrity sitting not too far away from us. . . and Liz and I spent a majority of the game playing paparazzi!  I will not post his name here (as I’ve learned that this gets randoms from the internet on my site that I’d rather not see. . . but here’s a craptastic picture, can you tell who it is???

That was super-exciting. . . then, the game got super-exciting!  The Bruins score came up, and the crowd went nuts. . . and then Manny knocked one out of the park!

Very fun!

I love the atmosphere at the Red Sox games. . . and they played the really great signature music at the end. . . but some really dumb music in the beginning of the game. . . Maybe it’s a Red Sox thing that I don’t get, but seriously, “Smooth Operator”??????

On Sunday, we went to breakfast, watched my favorite marathon video again so Liz’ mom and aunt could see, and then Liz and I went back down to Fenway to walk around.  On Sunday night, we ate some pasta in the North End and went to Mike’s Pastries.  Oh my, how I LOVE Mike’s Pastries. . . it’s a famous Italian pastry shop that is always packed, and for good reason.  It’s amazing.

Then Monday. . . RACE DAY.  This is a huge day in Boston.  It’s Patriot Day. . . and not only is the Marathon going on, but the Red Sox always play an 11:00 a.m. day game, there’s a parade, etc.  It’s just madness.  Liz had to catch a 6 a.m. bus to Hopkinton.  I walked with her to Boston Common, and here are some shots I got. . .


Droves of runners walking in

The Finish Line at 6:00 a.m.!

At 9:00 a.m., I got going to Newton.  I was quite a sight with my “LIZ ROCKS!” shirt and giant balloons.  I was having fun right away, as people all over town were already yelling, “LIZ ROCKS!” at me and cracking me up.  I told her that I wished I could have videotaped everyone saying it and made a compilation for her.  Riding the T with my balloon was rather interesting. . . it took me about 30 min. once I got on the train I needed to make it out to Newton, Mass.  I talked to some neat people on the train, so that was fun.  I started walking down the route once I got to Newton and found my spot. . . Newton is in the midst of the hills. . . the last hill being “Heartbreak Hill”. . . It’s near Boston College’s campus, so there’s all sorts of different people there.

It’s like a flipping tailgate. . . everyone is out with their lawn chairs, beers, picnic foods, bells, signs, etc.  SO MUCH FUN!  I met some really nice people and had a great time. . . here is a picture of me assuming the cheering position:

I saw all kinds of cute things walking along. . . Kids were writing messages to their favorite runners.  Of course, a big fan favorite is Mr. Armstrong  🙂  . . . as can be seen below:

The first group to come through was the wheelchair athletes. . . how incredibly inspiring they are!

Next came the elite women and the elite men.  Now, you will notice this to be a trend, but I missed Lance Armstrong.  I was SO TICKED OFF. . . the thing is, everyone around me missed him, too.  I guess we expected much more of a spectical around him. . . and there really wasn’t one, so he blew right by in the crowd. . . okay, this video is crazy and sucks. . . but this will give you some idea of how it was. . . keep in mind though, this was still early, before it got even more packed and more loud!

I wish I would have taken a video later, but I was having so much fun cheering, that I didn’t even think about it.  This was seriously so cool and so much fun!  We were all yelling so loud, and of course, I looked like a freak with my shirt and champagne bottle, so people would just look at me and smile and hold eye contact with me the whole time they ran. . . it was so neat.  I was in a section of great women cheerleaders and drunk college boys. . . We were all yelling, “Look at you!  You’re fantastic!”  “You’re almost there!”  “Stay strong!”  “Good job!  You look great!  Don’t stop!”  How could you not keep plodding on when you have motivation like that???  😉  The boys kept jumping on the route to run with people, slap hands with them, etc.

Now here’s the sad part. . . I didn’t see Liz.  I had friends texting me, calling me with up-to-the minute updates with where she was, but I just didn’t see her despite my intense concentration.  😦  Luckily, Liz’ mind was in the right place, and she wasn’t looking for me.  She was so focused, that she forgot what side of the road I would be on, where I would be, etc. . . which is completely understandable!

The only sucktastic thing, was that I was the last stop on the train so I had to get all the way back into town for the end of the race, which I knew was an impossibility.  I think it was another hour and 45 min. before I could see her.  I got the texts and calls from friends with her time, and I almost cried on the train!  So happy for her!  Luckily, Kerri and Kevin met her at the meeting area since I wasn’t able to make it right away!  Here are some fun pics!

Poor Liz was FREEZING, but she was moving awesome. . . such a trooper!

Then Kerri and Kevin joined Liz, her family, and I for dinner. . . fun times!  We even had a celebratory cheesecake!

That night, Liz and I walked ALL over Boston.  Oh my goodness, I was sore from MY *walking* that day. . . and she just ran a marathon!  Hello.  Clearly, I’m out of shape!  We went to Mike’s Pastries again. . . and walked to one of our most memorable sites in Boston for a photo op.  I’ll have to do a blog on that later. . . tooooo funny.

Also, I took a bus into New Hampshire on Tuesday and got to see some of my co-workers from Merrimack.  So fun.  It’s been way too long since I’ve seen them!  On Tuesday night, we went to Cambridge, walked around Harvard Square, and ate at a fun restaurant that Liz loves. . . and looked at a fun store Liz and I had been in another time we were in Boston.

Here are three conclusions four conclusions that Liz and I have come to (some that we knew before this trip):

1.  The marathon is flipping cool.
2.  There are lots of cute, young boys in Boston around every corner (we already knew this from past research).
3.  We would love to live in Boston if we could change something about the weather in the Winter.
4.  Liz is a wicked fast runnah.

The end!  (More pictures will be added as I get them from various sources!)



  1. this was soooo cool! and it makes me sure that i never want to run more than like a mile.

    so, who was the celeb?

  2. Ummmm, 3 conclusions????? Had a blast with you guys at the marathon. What a wicked awesome experience! The Sox game was wicked cool too. I will send you my pics…


  3. two things

    1) I’m going to Boston this summer. I might hit you up for reccomendations, since I’ve never been there

    2) Who is the celeb? I’m thinking Matthew McCounahey or Luke Wilson? I really can’t tell from the shot.

  4. Yea Cari!!! You win “name that blurry celebrity”!!! It’s Mr. Mcconaughey! The pictures are terrible, but we could definitely see him well from where we were. . .

    I will definitely send you recommendations for Boston. I have tons of fun and delicious suggestions!

  5. […] it’s been THREE years since I’ve been to Boston.  This is ridiculous.  Here is my last entry from Boston. . . yes, that trip!  It’s been that long […]

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