Posted by: illinigirl | April 16, 2008

I’ve got spirit, yes I do. . .

I’ve got spirit, how ’bout YOU!

I’m so glad that my friend Siobhan called tonight. .  She and her twin, Erin, are friends from the dorm (Yes, I have to do a “dorm friend” blog someday b/c I have so many stories about that.).  Siobhan and Erin are marathon and triathalon chicks (and as of late, Erin is an Ironman chick, as well!).  They are such inspiring people and run all over the country + Canada and are cool enough to take tons of pictures and share them.  Siobhan gave me some tips for Boston for being a good marathon cheerleader.

1.  Liz signed me up to be her alert person. . . so I will get text messages telling me where she is.  Siobhan said that these are always delayed, so i’ll want to be ahead of the alerts.

2.  Siobhan said that I should figure out what spots I’m going to be before the race, AND pick a side of the road to stick to.  (She said that you get sick trying to stare in the crowd too much and spot people so it’s nice to know where people are going to be.)  

3.  Go to spots that aren’t crazy busy so it’s easier to be spotted.

4.  Go to Heartbreak Hill. . . which is near the end of the race (and a hill, obviously). . . where most people need heavy cheering!

5.  Make sure my camera is set to the “motion” setting. . . (which I haven’t entirely figured out yet. . . is this the same as the “Kids and Animals” setting?).  Clearly, I need to find my camera book!

I’m getting excited!  Just have to get through the next few busy days at work. . . volunteer tomorrow night. . . and somehow find time to pack AND watch “The Office” tomorrow night, as well!  Maybe tomorrow night I’ll have to blog about another time Liz and I were in Boston. . . One of the most random and fun nights ever. . .


  1. That must be awesome Hannah, being a “Alert Person”. I just ran when a wanna catch a bus. I cannot run a lot because of my knees, but U do a lot of Bike. Everyday I grab my bike, my gear and off we go, until I tried to appear on MTV´s “Scarred” and hit everywhere, ouch for one week. Well I wish you all the luck, say Hi to your Family. Pato

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