Posted by: illinigirl | April 13, 2008

California. . . Knows how to party

Okay, I’m just quoting a song.  I actually did no partying in California. . . but I had a great time!

We actually did work a lot, and I was actually exhausted 90% of the time.  I’m not sure why. . . normally I can work late with no problems. . . but in Cali, I would be flipping exhausted and brain dead by 6:00 p.m.  Maybe it had to do with lots of running around. . . and maybe it was the time change.

I got in Thursday night, and we went to work on Friday.  On Friday, we also went to the Jelly Belly factory.  I don’t generally like Jelly Beans, but I found some flavors I really liked.  Here are the kinds I tried in order of most favorite to least favorite.  I bought some “belly flops” (irregularly shaped Jelly Bellies that they don’t sell normally).  I took some to work in Houston, am sending some home to Mom and Dad, and taking some to my next volunteer shift at Ronald McDonald House.  There is no indication of flavors in this mix so it’s a fun game to play at work, where we stand around trying different flavors and trying to guess what they are.

Sour Cherry is my favorite. . . then Cappicino was very good. The non-contenders were Chocolate Pudding, then Strawberry Cheesecake, then Toasted Marshmallow.

On Friday night, Liz and I went to dinner with Rebecca in Accounting. . . that I had initially unknowingly met when we both worked in STL.  I thought she looked familiar!  We’re all one big, happy A-B family.

On Saturday, we went to Alcatraz.  SO COOL.  I am such a nerd for historical tours right now.  Now I want to read books on Alcatraz.  Here are some pictures I took. . .

A picture of the Bay Bridge from the boat to Alcatraz

Alcatraz Island

Ooooh cells!

JAILBIRDS. . . Liz and Hannah!  (Yes, we know we look too happy to be behind bars!)

View of San Fransisco from Alcatraz

The Bay Bridge through a window in the officers’ quarters

On Saturday night, we went to dinner at this cute Italian place in San Fran with Jim and his friend Cindy.  We got our picture taken with the owner of the restaurant. . . who was a hysterical man who loved to talk and sing in his little restaurant.

Sunday, we went to Monterey and Carmel, CA.  CAN WE SAY, “GORGEOUS???”  The pictures don’t do justice, but I’ll try and convey some of the beauty!  We did the 17 Mile Drive that winds along the coast. . . and hung out on the beach in Carmel for a bit.  Liz and I would like to find husbands there.  🙂

A picture of Jim, Liz, and I at the beach


Along the 17 mile drive

If you were a golfer (or even if you aren’t), bet you wish you were here!

The Famous Lone Cypress!

And here’s me with the cypress in the background

Monday, it was back to work, back to work. . . We went to dinner with my friend Maia from Merrimack on Tuesday night that was in Fairfield for a class.  That was fun surprise!  (Again, insert comment about the big, A-B happy family.)

On Wednesday, I flew back to Houston.  I was sad to leave the beautiful area. . . but happy to get back to my house and back to my work in Houston.  It was a fun chance to see Liz thought. . . and a chance to help her out. . . what could be better? 

Now, next weekend, I get to see her run in the Boston Marathon!  Stay tuned for pictures of that!!!



  1. Pix are great AND Maia got to go to dinner with you. I’m very jealous. Thanks for sharing!


  2. The pictures looked awesome! It looks like you guys had so much fun! I can’t wait for next week’s pictures of the Boston Maraton.

  3. I’m sorta addicted to your blog right now… and jealous! I love San Fran! It’s my all-time fave city (after C-U, of course!)

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