Posted by: illinigirl | April 10, 2008

How old am I???

Today I was in a meeting at work.  I was chewing gum, as always.  I yawned and noticed that the gum was no longer in my mouth. . . uh-oh. . . this is not good.

I tried to nonchalantly glance and feel around for it. . . and then I ran my fingers through my hair.  YEP.  In my hair.  I held onto that piece of hair and casually walked out of the room. . .

Then I went to my co-workers and said, “Ummm. . . I’m having an issue and need your assistance in my office.”  They laughed themselves into a steady stream of tears, and Lois and Beverly had to cut a chunk of my hair out.  Lovely.

It’s amazing that I’ve been able to hold a job and get promoted over the years.

California was good. . . busy at work, and fun times on the weekend.  I’ll post some pictures this weekend.

Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. Good one, Hannah. Matt and I both enjoyed this!

  2. You are the Uber Dork!

  3. […] out to eat.  I don’t understand how I accomplished this, but it’s very reminiscent of this entry. . […]

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