Posted by: illinigirl | March 31, 2008

Hotel Hannah

So I’ve had many visitors from Illinois this month escaping the winter and having some fun at the Rodeo. . . Here’s my month in review!

Visitor Group #1–Mom and Dad


  • Drinks with Tom Cheatum
    •  Tom is a friend of the family from Philo living in Houston.  It was fun to see him!
  • Fixing things around my house
    • Dad installed a new light above the kitchen sink, helped me with some weird spackeling in the guest bath, painted my air conditioner cover.  Mom helped with decorational issues.  🙂
  • The Rodeo BBQ Cook-off
    • This is opening weekend of the Rodeo, and there are TONS of tents with BBQ, music, and beer.  We went to a few tents of co-workers and had a great time!

  • Church and brunch at the Rainbow Lodge with Jamie & Jackie
    • Jamie is a friend and co-worker and Jackie is her wonderful roommate.  They drove down to meet us for church and go to brunch at an excellent restaurant.  Dad had buffalo ribs & eggs for breakfast.  He couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the buffalo was!  We all had amazing meals.
  • Shopping
    • Mom and I went shopping for stuff for my condo. . . and we stopped at a Mexican ceramic shop.  It was AMAZING!!!


  • Lupe Tortilla
    • Lupe is my favorite Mexican restaurant. . . and my visitors always enjoy it as well.  The beef fajitas are to die for!

  • A “Level 9 Tour” of NASA
    • This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.  We all LOVED it.  Jamie took her parents, and they loved it so I planned for us to go.  I’ve been on regular tours of NASA, but this was 100% neater.  These tours only take 12 people/day, cost $85/person, and they take you places that the regular tours don’t go.  We got to see the world’s largest indoor swimming pool, which is the buoyancy lab where all the shuttle components, Hubble, etc. are recreated underwater so the astronauts can practice missions.  We went to a large vacuum chamber.  We went through the mock-up facilities and the mission control viewing areas.  We even got to sit in the historic Mission Control used in the all the Apollo missions.  The coolest thing of all is that our tours were led by incredible people that retired from NASA that knew everything about everything and had amazing stories to tell.  Here are some pictures of us in historic Mission Control:


  • The Rodeo with Tim McGraw Concert
    • Someone was kind enough to give us opening night tickets to the Rodeo, and Katie joined us!
  • Dinner at the Capital Grille
    • This may tied with Buckley’s as my favorite restaurant at all time.  Pricey, but absolutely worth every penny.  We all had a FANTASTIC meal, as usual.

Visitor Group #2–My sister Sarah & Brooke


  • Lupe Tortilla
    • Sensing a theme?
  • Went to the beach at Galveston


(Me going after a frisbee!)

  • Went dancing at Wild West
    • Jackie, Stuart, Jen, Lance, Matt, and Shannon met us out. . . Good times!!!  (My sister still hasn’t sent me pics from this night yet *ahem* so I’ll add them once I get them!)
  • Went shopping at funky shops in the Heights. . . and at the Galleria
  • Went to the Rodeo with Brad Paisley concert
    • He’s so cute and so fun (No, I don’t know that from personal experience, but I’m SURE he is.).
  • Laid around at my pool
  • Got massages

Visitor Group #3–Meg and Lynzi


  • (You guessed it) Lupe Tortilla
  • The Rodeo with Dierks Bentley concert with Ryan and Brad
  • Dancing in the Hideout at the Astrodome

(It was last call!!!)  🙂

(Yes, the carnival workers let Meg and I pose in a pile of giant stuffed dogs!)

  • Laid around at my pool
  • Got massages
  • Ate Ice Cream
  • Went dancing at Wild West again

 Sooooooooo. . . it was a VERY fun month. . . but VERY exhausting.  Meg and Lynzi’s visit was a great way to end the month because their #1 goal for their trip was relaxation. . . and I got to join in on that!



  1. Hey Hannah!

    This is awesome! It’s just like having the Hannah-cam that Sara and I always wanted. As Brady would say, “I LOVE it!”


  2. If only the “Hannah-cam” would have been with me when I fell at the gas station last week. I had to call Sara as soon as it happened because she would have loved it. . . 🙂

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